When a work vehicle of any type is out of commission, getting it up and running again is of the utmost importance. Understanding that, Horizon Access has a highly efficient workshop in our Sydney location that is capable of servicing and handling the mechanical repairs for the cars, trucks and elevated platforms that your business relies on.

In addition to repairing your service vehicles, our team can conduct electrical testing and ten-year inspections to ensure that your machines run efficiently and meet industry standards.

We also house complete restoration facilities to keep your equipment looking professional and close to new.

Other Services

In addition to a full-service workshop, Horizon Access can help you meet your industry needs with our:

  • Access Spare Parts - Our large selection of access spare parts will allow you to keep all of your machines and vehicles at peak performance.
  • Non-Slip Tapes - Maintaining the safety standards of your work is essential, and our collection of non-slip tapes and other personal safety equipment makes it easy for you to meet safety standards.
  • Motion Alarms - Protecting your vehicle and staff is easier when you use the most appropriate motion alarm for your needs. Browse our options or talk to a sales representative about your requirements.

Protect Your Investment

With an extensive offering of services and access spare parts, including non-slip tapes and motion alarms, you will find everything you need to keep your most important assets working up to standards while protecting your employees and your business.

Contact us today about all of the services provided in our Sydney workshop as well as the wide range of products to suit the requirements of all access industries.