Scissor Lift Repair

Stay on the Rise

Many businesses rely on properly-functioning equipment for successful results. In warehouses and supermarkets and in maintenance firms, picking machines, scissor lifts and the like get a lot of use. Constant use. The equipment is central to operational efficiency, in some cases around the clock. Any business that operates this way knows that any downtime due to mechanical difficulties is money burning for nothing.

Whether your scissor lift repair or maintenance requirements are for a Dingli machine from Horizon Access, or for a unit by any other brand, you need qualified technicians on hand at any time to keep your business operating at its potential. Horizon Access have the staff and the technical know-how to keep your scissor lift or any other elevating work platform in good working order, with a repair service that is second to none.

Scissor Lift Repair, for around the corner and across the country

Horizon’s manufacturer brands have a national network of authorised technicians, too.

So no matter where you are in Australia there is an authorised Dingli or Nifty Lift technician near you for scissor lift repair jobs or scheduled servicing.

All Platforms Catered For

Do you have other forms of elevating machinery in your business? Businesses that run warehouses, retail spaces or operate in maintenance sectors need machinery running smoothly at all times. Don’t let mechanical breakdowns cost you money – in addition to scissor lift repair, let Horizon Access’s team of experienced technicians or their networks maintain the following equipment for you:

  • Boom lifts
  • Aerial order pickers
  • Self-drive elevated access platforms
  • Cherry pickers
  • Truck and ute-mounted access platforms

In fact, if it’s mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, self-propelled or vehicle mounted, Horizon Access can keep it running.

Arrange a Maintenance Job

For all scheduled maintenance and repair work on elevated work platforms of all types, give Horizon Access a call today.